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Remembrance Tour
Duration of Sample Itinerary - 9 nights - 10 days
Explore - Dibrugarh, Digboi, Jorhat, Kohima and Imphal
Price on request
Highlights -
  • Traverse the pages of World War II
  • Go on a pilgrimage and pay your respects to the departed souls at Digboi, Kohima & Imphal
Commemorating the memory of the British and Indian soldiers who died during the Second World War, the cemeteries at Digboi, Kohima and Imphal enable you to pay your tribute to those dauntless soldiers who died for their motherland. These cemeteries are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Well maintained, calm and tranquil surroundings of the cemetery provide a heart rendering islet of peace and prompt us to remember those prominent words - "When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today."
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